5 useful tips to work from Home for the 1st Time - Yescom Group of Companies

Starting with some changes at home are not bad.  

No doubt that getting a transaction of the workplace at home is a little difficult for all of us. However, like a true warrior, we need to battle with the COVID-19 Breakdown in India and respect the Lockdown for the earliest control over Covisd-19. During this time most of us are relocated to our workplace at our home and of course, for all us, it is slightly difficult to work properly at Home Workplace.

When there is Pyjama is a new cult and dress down for the working slogan is trending, we should not forget our contribution to our work for keeping the country’s economic condition in a better position.  This is only possible when we all can work properly from our sweet homes. Here are 5 essential tips to be followed that can make your work from Home really productive. You can balance your personal and professional life both together easily if you manage to go through these tips while working from Home.

  1. Create a dedicated work area

Choose a good place to sit for your working hours. You can sit around your balcony or at a dedicated table for the work purpose. This would help you associate with your work and help you to concentrate on your works. You can also keep a plant and a lamp at your table as these things are known for bringing positive energy.

 2. Communicate Well

As board meetings and casual meetings are not taking place but tasks have to be at a pace so best it’s going with the power of Effective Communication. Do list your daily tasks every morning you sit at your work station. This will help you to manage your tasks effectively. Don’t hesitate to have the clarifications of your tasks or works to be done during your target periods. It’s better to communicate than to be confused. Use your energy in the directive way to get the maximum result. Create at least 2 medium of communication to ensure that you are being heard properly. Keep your end of the day work report recorded at some sheet for measurement purposes.

 3. Prevent Distractions

It’s very common to get distracted at several things when you are working from home. Don’t take very harsh either on the work or over the family. Set a time-table for the other things. You can communicate with your co-habitants regarding the nature of your work and you can ask their co-operation. Our family is the key to all happiness so they will always stand by your side to support you. Keep in mind that you have to manage both responsibilities one of professional and other of personal. Divide your time well for both. Also, spending a lot of time on social media platforms can also harm your work time, so prevent it completely during your working hours.

4. Schedule necessary breaks

Either you are working from the office or home; the scheduled breaks are necessary for tea/coffee and your lunch. Don’t take your meals at your working table. Move around the home, go to the dining area or walk out to another room during a Short Break. You can work properly only when your brain would be active and the body would be healthy. Don’t forget to stretch your body, do some round walks and keep yourself energized. The breaks keep you active and reduce the anxiety and pressure.

5. Dress up for your Work

Wear comfortable yet “out-to-go” workwear during your working hours. The dressing and makeover help a person mentally to get ready for work. Keep yourself comfortable though shoeing little love to your wardrobe doesn’t hurt anyone. Show some love to yourself. Wear what you love, wear your at favorite dresses and be always presentable in case of video conferencing and other such events.

So these are the 5 steps that one can adopt for the fruitful practices of work from home and also help you in keeping the balance between your personal and professional fronts. In the end but most importantly, your safety is the most important thing, so follow the lockdown, give time to your family and enjoy your work-cum-home time.