CHAMPION: A perfect one-stop solutions for MSMEs - Yescom Group of Companies

Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises has launched a new portal “Champion” to help the MSMEs and Young entrepreneurial minds get all their startup solution in one place. Ministry has launched Champion Portal for making a national portal for the assistance of MSMEs to make their all the problem solved at one task-station.

It is a national portal having the status of controlling and management system together which would prove to be a blessing for the MSMEs to enter into the bigger market place with the supports of Government and direct reach to the ministry.

CHAMPION stands for the Creation and harmonious application of the modern process for increasing output and national strength. As the name suggests itself; that government has launched this national portal for making India a large producer of goods and services for national strength building through micro, small and medium businesses.

Benefits of CHAMPION for MSMEs-

The objectives of the Champion portal are to help the MSMEs in filing the grievances, to get the information about the schemes, and much more. Accruing the Champion Portal; the aims and objectives of the champion portal are –

  1. To help the MSMEs in the Covid-19 crisis in terms of finances, raw material, labor, permission, etc.


  1. To empower MSMEs in acquiring new opportunities including the manufacturing of medical instruments, accessories, and other medical items.


  1. To identify those MSMEs who can withstand at present and can become the national or international champion.

How can the CHAMPION help MSMEs/ Entrepreneurs?

  1. MSMEs / entrepreneurs can register their grievances on the portal related to their business. They can also check the status of their application.


2. From the CHAMPION portal, one can also access the information related to business opportunities and tenders.


  1. One can seek information regarding the existing schemes for the MSMEs along with the new schemes and other beneficial schemes for Startups or to be entrepreneurs.


  1. MSMEs can also use this portal to stay updated with new launches by the central government, suggestion invitation, and idea submission for restructuring the MSMEs and businesses.


  1. The government’s updates and news related to the business/industries/ manufacturing and services are also updated on this portal so that all the MSMEs can take advantage of the opportunities by the government.

Last but not the least; the CHAMPION portal has been launched during the time of the COVID-19 crisis keeping in view that all the MSMEs of India can prosper well and take advantage of the government business liberation policies and schemes for strengthening the economical conditions of India.