RailMitra aims to work in accordance with the needs of its Train Travelers. We helps you in making decisions pertaining to train journeys. RailMitra believes in the notion that “Traveling Is Fun” and the planning for it should be fun too. Meeting the needs while making great plans. This will surely help every Indian by empowering the real-time information required.

Why Choose RailMitra?

RailMitra offers a one-stop solution for train journey planning such as PNR Status Check, Train Ticket availability Check, Online Food ordering on train & train schedule Check.

Here’re a few reasons on why you should choose RailMitra:-

  • Real-Time Train Running Status Updates.
  • 99% Accurate Ticket Availability Prediction.
  • Updated PNR Status Check.
  • Online Food Booking In trains across 400+ railway locations – food in train app.
  • Updated Train Schedules as Per CRIS Database.
  •  Live Update on Train Arrivals & Departures.