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A number of questions float over web and internet over the start-up culture and the entrepreneurs of Bihar. Bihar, once the centre of trade and culture in ancient times,faced a dark phase for many centuries. Even after the India’s independence, other parts of India became the centre of trade and commerce but Bihar lagged behind. For a long time, Bihar experienced slow and steady developments in business and commercial activities but start-up culture in Bihar has flourished mainly in the last 10-15 years. More aggressively, Bihar witnessed fast developments in start-up culture activation phase in the last 5-6 years.

We have tried to accumulate the sectors of manufacturingthat have emerged in Bihar, and services which are being offered by the Bihar-based start-ups and organizations. While Indian businesses entered into digital revolution phases, Bihar-based start-ups have also made their special place into the e-commerce sectors and the digital space. There are a number of e-commerce businesses flourishing in Bihar serving people with a variety of innovative solutions such as order food on trainsby helping them to get better e-catering services in Indian Railways. Not only this, e-commerce sectors are serving the people with digital marketing services, domestic services and e-retailing which is making Bihar, a better place for jobs and investments. The culture of rural entrepreneurship is also making its root in Bihar.

Top 5 Sectors Strengthening the Start-Up Culture in Bihar

Here we are introducing the top 5 sectors functioning in Bihar that are spreading and strengthening the Start-up culture in the state.

What Are the Top 5 Sectors for Investments in Start-Ups Projects in Bihar?

There are many sectors now making their own place in the start-up ecosystem in Bihar. If you are looking for investments or for jobs in the start-ups of Bihar, you can look upto these 5 sectors for you purpose:

  • Ads and Marketing Sector
  • Event ManagementStart-ups
  • E-commerce Sector
  • AgroTechSector
  • Domestic Services
  1. Ads and Marketing Sector


There are many ads and marketing solutions start-upsfunctioning in the towns of Bihar, especially in Patna. There is a great scope for this kind of start-up with innovative ad ideas and solutions.Most of the big companies have paved their way towards Bihar and they keep looking for the best Ad and Marketing organizations to help them in penetrating their products, ideas and services amongst the residents of Bihar. Most of the Ad and marketing organizations function inthe major cities of Bihar such as Patna, Gaya, and Muzaffarpur. People either planning to set up their start-up in the same segment or aspirants wishing to pursue their creative career in these fields, can chose it as a safe option, as the demand of its services is increasing in the state.

  1. Event Management Sector

All the districts of Bihar are celebrating the district festivals, as well as the corporates functioning in Bihar are equally looking for organizing great events on their anniversary and on important days.All these big, small and medium organizations look for event management companies for the instant event coordination and functioning. There is a vast space for the start-ups and entrepreneurs to play on this ground and establish event management solutions for organizations which can fulfill the demand of the current market.

  1. E-commerce

E-commerce has marked its debut in Bihar with a very strong start-up-ecosystem. Hundreds of e-commerce portals have been incorporated into function by the Bihar-based entrepreneurs. There are several e-commerce portals functioning in Bihar providing different services in the town and pan-India. As an example, the PNR status checkingapp is provided by a Bihar-based e-commerce company which serves the pan-India users with its great services. At present, e-commerce companies have made their deep root in Bihar, and everyday many such e-portals are being launched in the state by the Bihar start-up ecosystem.

  1. AgrotechServices

Bihar is a land of fertile soil and hardworking people – justifying to this nature of the people of Bihar, Agrotech industries also have a great scope in the state. There are few existing start-ups functioning in the town catering to the needs of Agrotech and Agro products.But, this sector still has great opportunities for the entrepreneurial minds.

  1. Domestic Services

E-retailing, boutique service, premium laundry services and domestic services (Repairing, maintaining,cleaning)etc are another emerging sector of Bihar, where the investors and professionals both are looking forward with great expectations. Domestic services sector can be one of the great segments for the entrepreneurs for further start-up units. There are many entrepreneurs of Bihar active in the segment, though.

We have discussed the top 5 and emerging start-up segments of Bihar, yet the ideas have no boundaries. Bihar is open for the start-ups and entrepreneurs to play on its ground fearlessly as in recent times Bihar has emerged as one of the go-to places to start own business