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Starting a career into corporate is a dream of most of the management students graduating from their college. No doubt, we all at some point or other would have faced career changes. Still, the fresh graduates experience this phase with anxiety and uncertainty. In such circumstances, starting a job into a start-up may lead you to confusion and pressure.

How to Prepare For an Interview for a Start-Up?

If you are also among those fresh graduates feeling undecided about the start-up job, then you must know the answers of these top 10 questions before going for an interview with a start-up.

These questions will not only help you in making the right decision but also give you the confidence to get ahead on your career path:

From Where Did You Hear About This Organization?

Mostly, the first question shot to you is “how did you get to know about the organization”. Most of the times, we get to know about the organization or job vacancies from the internet by searching through various keywords.

It would be best if you tackled this question wisely. Avoid saying that you found about the company in a random search. You can mention that you had discovered the company on the internet and then searched through its websites and other channels. Make your answer impressive and reliable.

How Can You Contribute to the Organization?

Answer this question with the best of your capability and industry understanding. Tell about your skills and learning and connect it with how it can help improve the productivity of the company. Also, do not forget to add up those skills which you wish to master in the coming future. Do not lie about your skills and capacity.

Tell Me about Your Dream Job

Through this question, the company wishes to check your potential and level of your desire to join the job. Show some enthusiasm and relate your skills and willingness to the job role you are being offered. Do some homework about the company and let your research findings come out while tackling this answer. You can mention that the current job is the kind of job you wish for. 

Do You Like to Work Independently or a Team-Player?

The best answer could depend on your job role but don’t forget to justify it. If your job role demands you to be an independent thinker, then do not hesitate to say you are an independent workerYou can add up that if it is a matter of taking a call to action, then you also like to get some suggestions or discuss with the higher authorities or experts on this. If your job role demands you to be in a group, then you must frame your answer likewise. 

How Tech-Savvy Are You?

All start-ups have their extensive presence in the digital sphere. You can nail this question by mentioning about your social media presence, twitter trends and digital marketing tricks. You can also add up your IT skills while answering this question.

Where Do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?

The main motto of asking this question is to check your commitment to the company, and your vision about your job. You never know whether you’ll be lasting for 5 consecutive years into a start-up or not but don’t mention your other plans.

You can talk about your life goals and professional goals and relate them to a particular organization

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Don’t measure your salary amount based on the company profile but make it according to your capacity. Check out the current salary standards according to the role the company is offering youIt is advisable to not put a lower amount for securing the job at the moment as it could harm your salary growth rate in the future. Also, the company may feel that you are less competitive if you put yourself lower than the standards. Make wise decisions.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This question sounds simple but at times, becomes a deciding factor for hiring. Mention your skills and potentials in detail but stick to the truth. When it comes to talking about your weaknesses, then mention such flaws which are not bearing upon the job you are being interviewed for. You can say it like “Always feeling hungry”.

Why Should I Hire You?

It is the most crucial question of the interview. Answer it in short and wisely. Tell about your eligibility by justifying the responsibilities of the particular job you have applied for.

Any Question You Want to Ask?

Most of the interviewers ask this question at the end of your interview. Use this opportunity to ask about the leave policies, company culture, the company vision, and teammates. Don’t say that you don’t have any question. Getting a fair idea about the company is good from an insider who is taking your interview.

Start-ups are like a plant sown in the soil, and it looks towards the growth with the right human resources. For a start-up, it’s a journey from its infancy to a grown-up business, so you will get a lot of chances to learn new things. So, be prepared for a roller-coaster kind of job experience when you are making your mind to go for a job in a start-up.