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Digital marketing has gained a lot of attention in the recent five years. No wonders; that it has created a buzz in all over the business sphere having an online presence.

The knowledge of digital marketing skills and techniques are required for not only digital marketing professionals but also students, PR professionals, entrepreneurs, and all those personnel directly related to information and marketing sectors in the business.

Digital marketing techniques empower the practitioners to scale up their business effectively online and in various other virtual marketing spheres.

For acquiring and enhancing the knowledge of digital marketing techniques and skills, there would not any better option for the practitioners than enrolling in some of the best digital marketing courses.

The digital marketing certificate courses help the professionals to stay updated with the current trends of digital marketing; hence increasing their digital marketing potential and efficiency in the same.

Digital marketing skills help the e-commerce businesses, by all means, be it online railway catering services, online retailing and few other services sectors businesses that have a high digital presence in today’s market.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Certifications to Make You Favourite Amongst Employers

Here are top 5 digital marketing certificate courses that one should get enrolled in for an impressive digital marketing profile to get hired in the highly competitive sectors of e-commerce.

  1. Google Ads Certification

Google Ads Certification is one of the most widely known digital marketing certificate course that every digital marketer strives to learn.

Familiarizing with Google Ads trends and tools are mandatory for any digital marketer for a flawless career in digital marketing.

Google Ads are prerequisite for all Google marketers in digital marketing. The advertisers widely use Google ads for quick results and sale increment of their online venture.

This program is free for all the users, and after an assessment, one can have the Google Ads certification.

There are some other advanced certifications also provided by Google Ads Academy, such as Display Ads, Search Ads, Shopping Advertising and Mobile Ads. 

  1. SEMrush Academy Certificates

SEMrush is one of the market leaders when it comes to digital marketing and its tools. SEMrush has launched several online courses on various concepts such as SEO marketing and uses of SEO tools, Content marketing, social media marketing and some other digital marketing certifications including PPC.

These courses are taught free on the SEMrush Academy, and after an assessment, the learners can also get their certificates.

These courses enable the practitioners to make their online store more visible in Google ranking and increase sales.


  1. Hootsuite Academy Certifications

Hootsuite tool doesn’t need any introduction in the digital marketing sector. HootSuite Academy offers some of the beneficial social media marketing courses for its users and digital marketer professionals.

There are several social media marketing courses such as Social Media Ad training Certificate and social media strategy certificate provided by the Hootsuite Academy. Social media experts teach these courses, and these courses have a significant impact on the overall social media strategies of a venture or an origination.

However, these courses are paid one, so the aspiring learners can do these certificate courses by paying a given fee for that course.


  1. YouTube Marketing Certification

Video marketing and Visual ads are getting prominent places in the digital marketing field. Being one of the most used social media platforms, YouTube has also emerged as one of the great platforms for advertisers to influence their target audience.

YouTube is the world’s second search engine platform after Google, so there are millions of people available throughout the day and night.

Having a certificate course from YouTube in Visual marketing can not only give a new edge to your digital marketer profile, but it can also provide a new life to the organization’s video marketing.

The courses provided by YouTube are free, but it is accessible to only qualified YouTube and Google ad Partners.

  1. HubSpot Academy Digital Courses 

One of the renowned names in digital marketing tools is HubSpot. If you are looking for online courses free of costs in digital marketing, then getting a certification done from HubSpot would add a newer prestige to your resume.

There are several courses available online in HubSpot Academy, such as Affiliate marketing certificate courses, inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and Email, and SMM courses.

There are some other courses available in HubSpot Online Academy without any certificate such as Facebook Marketing and Content Marketing.

There are hundreds of courses provided by different digital marketing institutions and online academies for digital marketing enthusiasts. The right digital marketing courses help to strategize the online business properly. It can have a profound impact on the ROI of online businesses.

These proposed five online digital marketing courses can certainly help the learners grow faster in the digital marketing sectors.