Top 5 Most Demanded Remote Jobs emerged during the COVID-19 - Yescom Group of Companies

Work from Home has been a favorite working culture for most of the people willing to work in flexible hours and from their comfort zone. However, it is not the deniable fact that these people were often considered as “freelancers” or “talent-outsource”. As the Corona pandemic locked everything globally then “work from home” became a new normal. Significantly; the Corona phase has indicated the workforce universally to re-structure the working conditions and culture as well as skills of human resources.

During these challenging times where millions of people either quit their job or fired at the same time, there are millions of new job vacancies are floating on the digital sphere. To fight back with Corona-phase for human resources it’s high time to work on acquiring some skills which are the futuristic base for the remote jobs. Here, we are going to tell you about the top 5 most demanded remote jobs for you.

  1. Content Marketing Jobs

Content is the King. Now, most of the startups, companies and industries have their online presence. With the advent of the digital revolution in India and the startup culture flood, there are thousands of jobs available for the content creators, scriptwriters and story-tellers. Now, most of the Indian startups and companies are willing to “go for home” for the safer working condition. There are several IT and Digital companies functioning in the country which is giving good opportunities for the remote workers. So if you are good at writing then update your resume today and apply for it. To enhance your writing skills you can also do some short term courses available for free on several educational sites. There are some online tools too available which help you to write you better.

  1. System Administration jobs

Remote jobs have also given a rise to the system engineers/ operators for making the work from home seamless trough their services. Now a day’s companies are having their own system developed, their own apps /system software for team-management and productivity measurement.  During this time, system engineers and System administration sectors are also providing jobs to skilled people.

  1. Online teaching / Speech therapies

The education sector never fails to make its space in top demanding jobs in any circumstances. Everything is locked and stopped but not the education. Now the internet has its reach in all corners of the country. Schools, coaching classes, Independent tutorials and speech therapy online classes are booming like anything during the Corona-phase. If you have a keen interest in teaching and learning then it’s the best field to go with. You can also start your own YouTube channel to teach. You can also approach some of the eminent educational apps/websites for teaching on their portal.

  1. Video / Animation creation

Those people having flair with their digital animation pen and vectors arts have thousands of opportunities for remote working. All companies relying on their social presence need the graphical supports in the form of vectors arts, animation, videos and graphic designs. These jobs do not demand an “in-office” presence. People having the knowledge of vectors arts, Photoshop and animation can work freely on their terms while staying at the comfort zone of their home. You can also utilize this lockdown phase to enhance your skills and learn this software for having a great career in Graphic designing and animation.

  1. Social media management jobs

What’s Trending is listed among the top activities of all the industries. If you have an interest in knowing what’s going around and good with crisps words then this is the best career option for you. Being social media freaky is all you need with an intelligent mind and ability to express positively.

So stay positive minded and work on enhancing your skills for better job conditions. There are some other jobs such as digital marketing, food industries; infrastructure & planning and Pharmacy sectors have also immense opportunities for the new workforce.