Top 5 must have tools to make your remote working efficient from Home - Yescom Group of Companies

Covid-19 breakout and lockdown effects have affected millions of companies’ productivity and operations. While we all are fighting against the COVID-19 effect at the same time we all have learned working remotely from our home to keep the business less affected.

Though working from home has become a new cool trend for thousands of IT and tech organizations but the flow of communications seems stuck at times. There are several online and offline tools available over the cloud sphere which can be useful for those people who are working from home. Here, we have chosen the top 5 tools which are becoming very popular among the people to work from home efficiently.

  1. Namaste Bharat – “Namaste Bharat” is a multifaceted app mainly popularised for video conferencing meetings to be held online. While there were other video-conferencing tools that caused several malfunctioning, Namaste Bharat emerged as one of the most useful video-conferencing tools which have many other functions too. Not only the video and audio conferencing can be done through this tool but also messaging, file sharing, visualization, live demonstration, meeting scheduling and one to one call is made possible through this single tool which is reliable and secure too. This app is helping all the workers working from home to complete their tasks efficiently.


  1. Goggle drive – Probably no needed much introduction; Google drive has now become an essential file-sharing platform for the teams working on a similar project with real-time features such as editing and corrections. This platform is very secure so that only those people who have been given authority/invitation from their Gmail links. Also, this feature has enables the managers and team members to work efficiently on the projects. Google Drive has a great capability of cloud storage and collaboration effectiveness. Documents files, Powerpoint presentation and spreadsheet can be easily made and shared on this platform. Google my app and Goggle form are other useful features of this tool.


  1. Hoot suite / Buffer – Social media platforms need to be going with the trends and of course with a schedule. There are a number of tending keywords floating over the social sites each day. To align with the current trends, all the brands are now relying on social media sites. Buffer/ Hoot Suite, nay one of these tools can help to manage all your social media channels. Not only social media content scheduling but these tools help you to generate analytical reports and filter the conversations. The uniform nature of these tools helps you to schedule all your social media content for several platforms such as twitter / Face book/ Instagram etc.


  1. Evernote – Evernote is another remote-working friendly tool to help you take notes online while being a meeting and writing the briefs. This tool is collaborative in nature, so you can easily share your notes and important minutes with your teammates. The special feature of this note-taking tool is that you can even add voice notes, images and web portals / URL organized in one place. This tool even works offline enabling its users to work during the offline hours too. It’s open-source, so all of you can easily download it in your device for your purposes.

5. Team viewer – Team viewer is one of the most extensively used tools in the business arena for screen sharing. One of the greatest features of this tool is to giving access to your system to your project management team and making your team connected over the same project. Also, live demonstrations, Organization and screen storage session is also available in this tool. One to one chat, audio and video conferencing features are also provided in the tool.


These five are the top essentials tools for helping remote working conditions and making it easier globally. Apart from these 5 tools, there are several such tools are being frequently used by different working teams such as G-suits, Skype, Canva, Screenleap, Zoom, and Grammarly, etc.

Now the remote working culture is taking shape in the entire business system and in this situation these tools have emerged as a lifesaver. Now you have all the tools you need to know for efficient production while you are working from home so now start working onto your projects while staying at Home.