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COVID-19 outbreak has brought a crisis in each area of our social life. Thousands of companies shut down, and millions of people have to leave their current jobs due to lockdown conditions. With liberty in social activities now, the companies and organizations are re-opening, thus inviting the eligible personnel to handle the business affairs. Now, people are also very cautious about joining a new firm as everyone is looking for suitable career options which can even take them in the long run during such a crisis.

At Present, IT sectors, e-commerce sectors, FMCG and Pharmacy companies have seen a rise in the demand. At the same time, the aviation sectors, Retail sectors, Oil & refinery organizations have faced a severe setback during the COVID-19 crisis. If you are also looking for the most promising areas to work after the COVID-19 phase, then this article is for you.


Top 5 In-Demand Sectors to Work after COVID-19

Here, we are sharing the top 5 in-demand sectors to work after COVID-19 period for a secure job profile.

  1. IT & E-commerce

Nowadays, IT & E-commerce sectors have witnessed a significant mobilization in the digital business phases. During the lockdown, all the IT & E-commerce companies kept operating because their employees could work from home.

Several startups and organizations are functioning under IT & e-commerce sector, which has been less affected with the crisis than other industries in terms of output. If you have skills such as writing, designing, and have a significant understanding of Google keywords, Google analytics, Computer, and software programming skills, and excellent command over communication skills, then you can enter into IT & e-commerce sectors for the different job profiles. You can also do some of the digital marketing courses for having a bright career in this field.

  1. EdTech Industry

Education has found all its way to reach each of the students. Companies and individuals have seen tremendous growth in their subscribers and viewers in education sectors. Not only the school and college students saw this time as the fruitful time to work on their academics improvements by joining online classes, but also the professionals and ordinary people have joined different courses to hone their skills during the lockdown phase.

To peruse a career in the education sector, you must be well qualified for teaching jobs. Apart from teaching role, there are several job profiles available in the Edtech areas such as educational content curator, program monitoring, BDM and creative people are always required in this sector. You can apply for these job roles if you are willing to move into this sector.

  1. Hospitality Sector

No doubt that the current hospitality sectors have seen its ever worst days during COVID-19 lockdown phases, but this is the only sector which is going to be recovered very soon. The restaurants have even started operating for meeting the requirements of food deliveries to the people.

On the other hand, hotels and catering system has also started running at a slow pace. One can also consider the hospitality sectors for a bright career after the COVID-19.

  1. Pharmacy

The pharmacy companies have reached their zenith in terms of production of medicines and healthcare products so far during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Shortly, the pharmacy companies and pharmacy units in India are expected to expand and see further developments and growth. There are several job profiles required to be hired very soon by pharmaceuticals and drug companies in 2020-21.

To have a golden career in medicines, you can acquire a degree/diploma in Pharmacy courses. There are other jobs roles required as well, such as corporate communicators, content developers, and machine-learned skilled people for several purposes to run the overall organization.

  1. Naturopathy Medicine & Self-Care Sector

In recent times, the world has returned towards the real essence of life, greenery and organic drugs and self-care products. Especially in India, people have rushed towards the natural medicines and products for their daily health care and supplements to stay fit and healthy. Making a career into these emerging sectors can bring incredible job offers for you tomorrow. Organic beauty products, naturopathy medicines and Yoga etc. are becoming the daily essentials of most of the people. Naturopathy is seen as one of the growing sectors in India, attracting the general public around the world. Naturopathy and wellness tourism are emerging as the in-demand sectors.

Though to make a bright career in this sector, one needs to be an expert of their chosen field, so it would be better to first do a proper course in naturopathy and natural sciences before practising it.

Several jobs would also require substantial staffing in the sectors of E-retailing, Manufacturing and service sectors. The professionals should get expertise in different areas by utilizing their free time in lockdown. The extra qualifications and skills help in acquiring a good position in the current market.