Top 8 marketing ideas bringing business to your startup for Free during the economy slowdown - Yescom Group of Companies

Gone are those days when flex, banners and billboards were vital for doing branding and marketing of your business. Now a day’s business owners especially startups who have to work on tight budgets need to find some alternative ways of marketing and branding. As most of the startups are marking their presence on digital space so it’s very natural for the startups to find the way to be visible on the digital sphere. Here, I am suggesting some of the branding ideas for your startups to be visible on a very light cost or even for free.

  1. Networking – An absolutely free and good way for making your startup known in the community where you belong to. Customers are all around; you just need to keep your community growing through social media platforms, communication and meetings. There are a number of seminars, startup- walks, Incubation center talks, webinars and activities being planned every second day. Mark your personal presence there at these places. Ask questions, give feedback and mention showcases your business ideas and your operation method. People get connected at these places where all the likeminded people gather for common goals.
  • Offer / Coupon buzz – It’s the tendency of the customers to buy something or to take interest in the coupons and offers being provided by the manufacturer or service provider. Most of the impulsive buying is also a result of the coupons or deals being advertised at the sales points. You can simply add some coupons to some of the coupons websites for free and you can get the customers traffic from there to your outlet or website. So again you are getting your branding done for free of cost.
  •  Collaboration / Cross Promotion– Collaboration with other brands alike also helps in getting more visibility in the market place. You can come up with some other startups and their products/services on the condition of cross-promotion. So you and your partner both would be benefitted by each-other are social media activities and other ads activities you and partner opt for. So again here you getting some value added to your branding without spending a penny.
  • Ask for your customers for their referral – You can add up some exiting referral points and ask your customers to refer your app/ codes to their friends. These activities do wonders for startups. Once you get customers and they refer to 3 of their friends the eventually you are getting more customers and you can expect a few successful redemptions of those referrals.
  • Plan Activities and sponsorship – Though this technique demands some money yet you can plan this on a local level event in order to have ad space in your locality or city. This plan works out best for local kind of business and production. Many a time the events also get featured into local newspaper sections so ultimately you are going to make your space into media.
  • Freebies and giveaways – who don’t like the freebies and giveaways with the products they are buying, play with this fact. You can add up some freebies with the products which cost less yet works in the brand recall system. If you are having your service business then you can do a lot with freebies such as stickers, folders, bookmarks, pencils, etc branded with your brand name can be placed at public libraries or some local book publisher to be given free of cost to their customers or users. Trust me it helps.
  • Search engine marketing – SEO is a great factor in order to showcase your brand’s website on the ranking pages. Work on making your key-word specific content and work on your website SEO functions. There are a number of YouTube tutorials available on YouTube. Watch those and learn to function well with your SEO reports and improvise your ranking.
  • Social Media Activities- To be best fitted into today’s market; your brand needs to be present on social media platforms with good content indeed. You can plan some social media activities on your company’s Facebook such as games, content, Surprise coupons, etc for the customer’s engagement, also keep an eagle eye on the trending topics on the social platforms to keep your contents relevant with the current trends and engage your customer.

You can also try on Facebook marketing, video and animation content marketing, email marketing and Google pay per click ad tools for your brand promotion. Always keep in mind that being available and be present in front of the eyes of your customers to be successful.